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      Hello and welcome to my first post.

      Like the topic says, I am seeking a Lady for a Female Led, Total Power Exchange, Long Term Relationship, with an eye to life-long. Life is too short and potentially too unpredictable to not be doing the things we love. My Lady will lead, I will follow dutifully being her everything, or at least doing my damnedest to try. I am human after all. The right Lady will find I am able to be molded as she needs.

      I understand I will be yielding control to the 5 “Food Groups” and once we are fully established with trust and understanding that is what I mean to do. I do not do this lightly and will talk with any truly interested Lady that feels I might be what she’s been seeking. I will do so with an open mind to -Her- needs, not my own. My joy largely relies on what my Lady needs of me. I enjoy being of service. I know that’s an often heard (read) refrain, but I mean it and will prove it. I offer my submission and deference in sincerity, to be hers companion, mate and perhaps as much her property.

      What I seek in return is fairly what’s described in Level 4, including the consideration to hear my opinions and take my happiness into account before she makes the decisions. And I do understand that she will make all decisions, or at least any decision she wants to make, and I will abide. I will consider Level 3, and hope it will turn to Level 4 as we settle in. I’ve seen references to “Beyond 4” in some profiles. I am interested to know what that might entail from the specific Lady’s point of view.

      I want to be happy, I want a happy partner. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      I have been in a Level 3-4 relationship once already, with a steady undercurrent of kink, in an Owner/property dynamic. It was long ago and I don’t ascribe that my next relationship need be compared to that, but I do hope my Lady will ask to understand it’s nature and what drew me in and kept me happy there. Sadly that ended with illness and passing. I do desire some level of kink in my next relationship, but have an open mind on what and how much and I do have a few preferences.

      Since, I have spent my days building a comfortable life, establishing many interests, finding everything I need but for the Lady in question. I have looked but you know how life is, then the past five years have been tragic for myself and my family, then Covid. And here I am, still searching.

      Now, later in life, I prepare to spend my latter half of life in devotion to a great woman, in service, traveling and experiencing life; everything from adventure to staying in and watching a movie. I am ready to commit, ready to go forward so here is where my focus will be from here out. I am semi-retired and positioned to possibly open a business once I figure out with whom and where that will happen. I will relocate if necessary, with a few preferences.

      As a caveat, I must mention that one reason for my semi-retirement is that I care for my elderly mother with dementia. This is an obligation I cannot ignore. But I see the time going forward as an opportunity to court and be courted, to establish acquaintance with a Lady, to understand each other and what the relationship will hold, and be ready to relocate when I am free to do so. Sadly I don’t think that will be TOO long from now, but it is what it is.

      I have photos and other means of contact available upon request.

      I look forward to meeting my counterpart in this next phase of life soon.

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