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      Hello to all curious minds compelled to browse & welcome. I hope the reader finds this post entertaining at the very least & compelling if you’re a good fit. A brief description of a submissive man I would own follows. He’s between 35-55 years of age, has children at home or is kid, family & pet friendly. He resides in the greater Phoenix area of AZ. & is interested in blending together to build a bright future & will delight in the fruits we bare. I can be contacted directly at maturebeauty4u@gmail.com

      ABOUT ME
      SWF/ mommy/ Domme/ level 4 that is willing to train the right man cub. I’m accomplished in my professional career and already building a bright future supported by my entrepreneurial experience/knowledge. Despite my education I’m intelligent, well read & can engage in stimulating conversations in a broad range of subject matters.

      What I appreciate most about graceful aging is that I know who I am & understand what I’m all about. In
      Maslow’s Hierarchy it’s referred to as “Actualized.” My personality type according to Myers-Briggs is
      INTJ (The Master Mind) & in Kersey’s profile I’m the “Rational” type personality. This could be just a lot
      of psychobabble to some but is very revealing to those willing to explore/ gain an understanding of the
      concepts. A Taurus woman is known to be down to earth, practical, loyal, dependable, trustworthy & very sensual. I am steadfast in my moral/ ethical principles. I LOVE a hardy laugh & a sarcastic remark
      directed at the ironies of life. As I’ve traveled down life’s dusty road of happy destiny, I’ve embraced a few fulfilling “kinks” along the way.

      A submissive man-cub that will be given serious consideration will obey the terms & rules of our detailed
      written agreement. He shall be completely committed to being a trained companion/ partner for life. If
      terms or rules are violated then he will be disciplined & shall demonstrate a commitment to changing destructive behaviors. Sexual conduct/ pleasures, male chastity, prostate milking & other kinks are my highest priority of the 5 food groups. There must be physical attraction & chemistry. He shall be a man inclined to breast worship, adult nursing & agrees to satisfy me sexually when, where & how it’s requested. Notice the pic of my bodacious nipples posted on my profile? I wasn’t born blessed with big nipples. No, I’ve been committed to the daily discipline of nipple training so that my sub/ slave can enjoy the sensation of a large, tasty nipple in his mouth as he suckles. The point is that the gift of disciplined training produces beautiful results. Men love to gaze at my 38D breasts & have begged to plant their face in my bosom while I’ve said, “No, no, NO!” I’m a voluptuous & healthy woman in waiting for my man-cub/ companion. Free time is the only area you will be allowed to make independent decisions once you’ve decided to submit to the terms & rules that have been successfully negotiated & mutually agreed upon. Maybe you’ve been divorced & now ready to bust the mold of traditional roles & other ridiculous dictates imposed upon the masses, I understand & I’m waiting for you.

      Although I have never been in a FL relationship, I command the skills required for developing, training &
      maintaining the inherent principles of a FLR evidenced in my professional life & successful entrepreneurial
      ventures. I prefer a man have some experience with the FL principles but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. The same respect & considerations that are required will be given. Thank you for taking the time to read & to all……..May your deepest desires be realized in your life soon.

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      great profile you have

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      Good morning,

      I hope your day is starting off well? I sent you a couple of emails to your gmail account. I’m guessing you are being inundated with replies.

      I hope to hear from you soon!


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      Mistress, please let me know if you are still in search of a man cub. Thank you.

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      A very compelling profile

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      Are you still looking for a submissive man to serve and worship you in a loving, long-term FLR?

      I am. I an very attracted to your profile description…. Just what I’m looking for.

      If you’re interested, please write back to me here, or at x127n812m@yahoo.com. I’m a loving, very smart, good, honest, funny, decent, committed, trustworthy, submissive hoping for a goddess who will own and collar me as her property.

      Thank you,

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