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      Just a man

      I still work mostly from home. I am widowed and available. I am able to relocate for the right lady. I have a strong submissive nature inside a relationship. I also confess I am flawed. I adore being a couple and would very much love to be again. A traditional relationship has never worked for me. My marriage was FLR and successful. The right Lady will find I am very trainable and have a strong belief system geared towards FLR. Lets discuss.
      Who am I looking for? I am looking for the one woman that reads this and says to herself that’s him. The one woman that has a sense of humor, is intelligent, is a take charge type and a decisive leader. One who is no nonsense and believes in training her man.
      My goal in life is to be in love again. I tend to see things differently than traditional society however I see what works best for me an FLR. I never shy away from who I am although i don’t shout it from the rooftops either.
      I believe in female Led Domestic Discipline and I have immense respect for a woman who believes the same. I believe in her final authority and believe energy flows through two persons to bring forth deep meaning.
      I have heard many say submission is a gift.I a not so sure I tend to believe dominance is as well. Two feeding each others needs. Two growing. Lets grow together.
      My EMAIL IS justamanohio@gmail.com phone 440-679-3444

      I read this as a young man
      Quoted by Yi Tsu Sin
      God created man and gave him a soul
      God created woman and gave her the gateway Soul
      Man thanked God for giving him woman his helpmate
      God said to man your arrogance deceives you.
      God told him woman is my helpmate and greatest creation
      Through her Womb she brings life.
      Her womb is a portal for other souls to enter this world.
      Mans job is to protect her and her children.
      Man must revere here and worship her.
      She is the vessel of life and souls passage.
      Only through her does man prosper

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