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      Most Women on this and other sites who understand FLR principles are really too young to form a lifestyle attachment with someone my age. But perhaps such a Woman here knows of an older Woman, a relative or not, who could really benefit from some domestic help and care? In the public-transport tri-state area? In return for strict guidance? I am willing to be quite patient while this older Woman learns the many benefits of a FLR and and how to conduct and administer one, hopefully leading to Level 3-ish. If any possibilities please do write. Thank You!

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      My name is Jennifer, 39 years old and single. I live in Atlanta Georgia, USA alone with my dog, and am also a painter. It will be of great thing to continue this conversation.

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      Hello, Jennifer, and many thanks for your reply to my post. I would indeed like very much to continue this conversation. Perhaps you could private-message me here? I’m located in Brooklyn, NY.

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