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      I want to know what’s really happening to me. As my profile says, my name is Kristoff, I am currently 26 years old and the year before I met a mature woman, a little more than 20 years older than me, she is a captivating woman due to her strong character and a great gift of command, but she is also a protective woman, an extremely intelligent and analytical woman, but also an understanding woman!! a woman who knew how to punish me when she got upset about something, but also knew how to pamper me and with this she took me to heaven and beyond… however that was only a summer relationship, where the two of us or rather she decided that the relationship had a beginning and an end and that’s how it was… however what I really want to share with you is that I fell madly in love with her, at that moment, precisely because of her dominant way of being, because of her strong character!! and although I know perfectly well that it is a relationship that ended and will never be again; I liked going from being the alpha of the relationship that until that moment I had had, to being the beta of it… and now, I can no longer nor do I want to be in any other type of relationship that is not FLR (female lead relationship), no longer I am happy to have dates with women my age or younger, I have discovered that I belong to this world…
      What happened to me!?!?
      What could you recommend to me??!!??
      I look forward to your advice and guidance!!! With all my respect, thank you so much!!!

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