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      I am a 44 years old man looking for a beautiful and amazing woman to serve and dedicate my life. If you like to be worshiped a lot and the idea of dominate and submit a man make a nice smile on your face I may be the man for you. I am currently living in Italy but I am quite free of commitments and can relocate quite easily anywhere for the right woman. Please send me a message if you think we could match!

      Who I am

      I consider myself a nice and attractive man, I look after myself and I try to have a healthy and positive lifestyle. I am very independent as I don’t have any baggage or any kids and I am free to dedicate my life completely to a woman.

      What I am looking for

      A Mistress for a long term and monogamous relationship. I am looking for a woman that will love and respect me. A woman that can be Sweet and cruel at the same time. She may be selfish with me but she should be not have a selfish personality.

      I am willing to relocate in a relatively short time for the right Mistress

      More about myself

      I have always been interested in Femdom since I had my first sexual desires when I was a kid. For different reasons it just happened that I haven’t had a proper Femdom relationship but now I am very determinate to find the right woman to realize what I have always wished more than everything!

      For me being slave is a way to worship completely my Mistress, is a way to communicate my feeling and my love to her.It’s just a way to tell her that I am madly in love with her and that I am ready to suffer for her. And if my pain and humiliation are ways to give to her also just a minimum pleasure, then I am willing to receive pain and being humiliated a lot by her.

      I am not looking for a woman that will made my life to be like the hell but just a sweet imprisonment based on love, the reason why I will be her submissive is just because I will be madly in love with her and she fairly will be able to take advantage and pleasure from that!!

      The type of relationship I am looking for

      I am willing to be involved in a 24/7 relationship with a woman that would cover every aspect of our relationship. However it should stay private and I am expecting us to appear as a normal vanilla couple to others.

      I think it would be important we would share at least some of the main kink and interest about Femdom. Some of my main interest are related to a deep adoration of the woman, and it would include:

      *Queening/Facesitting (long hours of cunnilingus and/or rimming)
      *Feet worship
      *Golder shower
      *Rituals and protocols

      Other but not secondary interests are probability more related to ways for the Mistress to have control over myself.

      *Enforced chastity
      *Pony play
      *Collar and leash

      In general I am not into heavy pain but it is fair that the Mistress can use pain to train me and punish me when necessary.

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      Sofia Russo

      Hi, please write me on this email to have a detailed email about what i seek and who I am. Please keep in touch. ” sr20030413@gmail.com ” Sofia

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      You seem like the perfect slave. Are you still looking for your queen?

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        I do Miss Angel, please write to me if interested to explore each others.

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