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      I’m intrigued by the physiological and emotional responses to intense sexual arousal and the practice of orgasm denial.

      My desire for a submissive partner is rooted in the desire to engage frequently in intimate practices with my partner, involving kinky, erotic, and fetish sexual experiences that revolve around female dominance over the male.

      I am a very firm and dominant mistress seeking an active partner for full participation and to find a submissive individual to possess and utilize as my exclusive property, both in terms of their heart, body, and soul.

      You should consistently remember that serving me offers the chance to live under my supreme domination, as my understanding of you and your body is impeccable, and my intentions for it far exceed your expectations. You will relish every moment when I take the lead, without objections or disputes.

      I will mold you into a male submissive who craves rough intimacy and bondage, always yearning for more, with no satisfaction from just one or two rounds because your appetite will never be quenched. I will instruct and guide you further on expressing your complete submission, binding you securely and instructing you with my intimate experiences.

      I possess a keen ability to educate and guide both inexperienced newcomers and experienced submissives. However, with you, embarking on this fascinating journey would be particularly intriguing.

      You should be prepared to be molded and shaped according to my desires. Your dedication to pleasing me and your complete submission bring joy to me, and I envision a future where you can fulfill all my needs and satisfy me entirely. Your obedience makes me feel incredibly strong and powerful. While I have the authority to dictate, I desire you as my long-term submissive because of your unwavering service to me.

      I prioritize and exclusively engage in safe sex practices.

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      Dear Ms. Dominatrix:
      I’m sooo excited to reply to you, BEFORE anyone else …has….
      for Your acute statements about how you can make a sub get into his “sub space”, and how you know, that’s important to me, in order to make me more calm, and in total belief of your Supremacy over this beta sub male. I “got that” in your statement, and I’ll beg for it….
      I am however 63yo, but if you lived with me, I would cover all expenses, or if you want me where you are, I can help pay Bills, and clean….i am my best, when i’m cheery for you, all the time, no matter how i feel….and how i enjoy….submitting my life, to make yours a better quality experience, for YOU.
      And, i already do enjoy that pain, “Cleanse’s me”……i beg for you to pay attention to me, if by punishing me, thank you…..that would make me very happy, to know you take the time to punish me, thank you, Mistress.
      I beg you, to please choose me, put me in your Dungeon for a month, if your serious. You can850 contact217 me9974, anytime, I live alone.

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      Wow! I love what you wrote! If you like the quote below, send me an email – or, better yet, a google chat message:


      “For all of human history, powerful and successful men have used their status and resources to attract hot younger women for pleasure and as status symbols. Now that modern women are becoming more successful and independent, accumulating resources in their own rights, why should they not use their status to indulge the pleasures of the most exquisite male flesh that society has to offer? Why should a young man not take a powerful woman’s name in marriage, work to maintain her household, and remain faithful while allowing her freedom?”

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