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      I can’t change who I am, but I am a submissive guy. And by what has happened to be recently, us guys get taken advantage of and it’s pretty heart breaking sometimes. It seems sometimes it uncalled for. With OnlyFans if you give money (for example) it doesn’t matter if you tell them you’re submissive. They don’t care and block you or they wither away somehow.

      You sometimes are forced to get negative feelings about women and realize some of the things said about women is true. Even if you accept the good with the bad. It just doesn’t matter. I think even men who are not submissive, get a pretty raw deal sometimes. It’s not about being anti women. It’s saying things as they are.

      Maybe I can’t change who I am, but maybe one day I’ll have to change anyway.

      No one really goes on this site much. It seems like you can’t honestly say to a woman you’re submissive. They won’t accept it, you’ll be discriminated against, people will laugh at you in real life. Other women or men will leave non sympathetic comments under news articles or Youtube comments. Everyone’s an armchair philosopher.

      One day I’ll have to analyze myself. I just get tired of the run around. It’s not fair but life’s hard. But I think society makes life hard. Not just a country but individuals too. Most people follow the majority — man or woman and we wonder why life is so boring? I ask that question but most don’t. I would like society to be more exciting and more accepting.

      I think human beings (not just women) are just evil. That’s the end of philosophy. You can’t have any rebuttals to it. We can maintain our feelings, etc. We have certain personality types, but people always get moulded by society or selfishness. We’re all evil, but we have to control it.

      I’m bitter, but there’s no one our side. There’s no fairness. Society would laugh at men like us.

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      If you block me on this site! Go ahead and do it! I’d be more than glad! I’ve lost everything anyway so f___ it.

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        No disagreement to any of that! Seriously, how many women can actually be trusted that much?

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        It seems you are living in a society that doesnt accept our lifestyle. Ever considered emigrating to somewhere that does? The boondocks will never accept you.

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      It’s OK to be a submissive man, but you have to be smart about it. It’s still a taboo and not socially accepted in the vanilla world.

      Most women don’t want a submissive man. But they love an attentive man who treats them like a queen. Sometimes you have to keep your submissive tendencies to yourself and serve her stealthily. She won’t know your intent, but you will.

      It’s not the best solution, but it’s a solution.

      Otherwise, maybe you can meet someone who’s clued into FLRs on Fetlife or at a local munch. That would be better. Pro-tip: Don’t give anyone money.

      There are plenty of women looking for real subs. Most men haven’t a clue what it means to serve a women. True subs are a rare breed.

      If you are truly submissive, there is a woman for you.

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      100% agreed with @zero’s advice. Plus, I think we must be aware that it is just as akward to be a dominant woman as a submissive man in our society. So, I understand that we can be bitter with respect to the societal context we are living in… But I think this must not lead us to be bitter about individuals (or specific groups of individuals), but instead lead us to undertake productive actions to change all of this, in a positive way! 🙂

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      zero rights and there is even nothing to add

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        Mllesadie — Thanks.

        To everyone generally, sorry for the late reply but I appreciate all the replies.

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      zero — That was a pretty thoughtful reply, so thank you.

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      My wife’s and I marriage makes me very happy but it can be seen as unfair in the eyes of my parents as I take on most of the housework and chores

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