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      I am 55 and my wife/owner is 54. We have “played” at BDSM and servitude for over 30 years with me as her slave but never indulged in the FLR concept in our day to day lives. Recently, we decided to give it a try. We were not getting along especially well and it seemed to stem from power and control. I found your website and started sending her articles. We have really had some great talks and communicated freely about it. We are in the process now of setting up the parameters of our relationship. She keeps me in chastity during the day and panties at night. I have freely given her control and feel a surreal calm and tranquility. Our talks have been awesome. It’s not just about sex but all facets of our life together. I go out of my way now and am completely motivated to try to please her on anything and everything. Having given up power to her is the best thing I have ever did. Thank You so much for creating this website.

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      Hi, have you read the book “Uniquely Rika”? I recommend it. I’m glad you’re finding success.

      “I have freely given her control and feel a surreal calm and tranquility.” Awesome!

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      I haven’t read it but definitely look it up and give it a read. Thank You

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      We just started a few months ago and it has been wonderful. Our sex life had been going down hill for awhile then I walked in on him masturbating and was really hurt by that. I was upset and determined to make this right. we had a long discussion and we decide to try FLR. So I was to control our sex life and he would take care of everything else. I have him in a cage during day and panties at night.

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      My Wife and I have been practising 24/7 male chastity for almost 2 years now, with any releases decided solely by her. We have now decided to proceed to a full FLR relationship to cover all aspects of our lives. I am very excited and committed to show my Dom that I can meet all her needs and desires. However, it is also a big step and I wonder how it will progress with her making every decision in future

Viewing 4 reply threads
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