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      Introducing myself in this way.

      I am a 74 year old male. Happily married to my 64 year old BETTER HALF.

      My whole life has evolved around female superiority, and today, FLR is a newly recognized term of the life style I have lived.

      I hope to share my 60 years of acquired knowledge in the aid to many who may find it beneficial. After all, time is a great teacher in overcoming pitfalls.

      I’ll start by opening up the topic of spiritual meditation the male should do for his female superior. After all, the feminine psyche is a spiritual intellect of mind. I see there are now “hypnodoms” misusing this ideology for making money slaves out of men. The true use in a FLR would be hypnotism for males reprogramming on a deeper subconscious level. This is where dreams come from. Also, many barriers from life’s experiences. My wife calls it “slate cleaning” or removing obstacles of discomfort. The male mind becomes cleared. Any possible threat to FLR removed and replaced by the feminine wisdom’s building blocks.

      A good example is the Adam and Eve myth. And women paid the price throughout history as bringing sin to mankind. Patriarchy.

      But what if I could show you that Genesis says god created with flesh and soul, just like all the naked animals, and it was Eve who was smart enough to eat which gave mankind it’s “Spirit” that placed him above the animals, and Eve received the true knowledge of the true God from the tree of knowledge. The tree was the light inside a gray Eden. Adam wouldn’t touch it. If Eve hadn’t, we would be just like the animals. No smarter today than 5,000 years ago. But this debate can be had on another thread.

      This, as well as many other things in my studies, has proven to me the defining superior intellect the feminine offers. The very fact that the female is given the responsibility to bring child to term is another.


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      Interesting insight. 😊

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        Thank you, ma’am. Interesting works.

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