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      A SWM, vaccinated Midwesterner now in NYC over twenty years, seeks a deeper mental and spiritual bond with a “real woman, who isn’t too far from 50 (e. g. I’ve no interest in someone young enough to be my daughter.)

      I am healthy and fit (below the official BMI Overweight line, etc.,) a cat person who likes dogs, and a carnivore who respects all living things, with a love of history, science, literature and the arts. I am progressive socially but more old fashioned closer to home. I am educated, erudite, and intellectual, but also down to earth, fun and witty, with boyish charm and, despite my outward alpha-male ways, a romantic nature that is accommodating, prone to pleasing, and sexually submissive.

      I have enough experience with Femdom dynamics in real relationships to know where my bliss will be found. I hate disappointing someone I admire, and find deep satisfaction is in making another’s life blissful. I hope to find lasting chemistry and connection just such a person.

      Ideally, we will present to the outside world a well-adjusted happy couple, with nobody guessing what happens behind the closed doors where our Domme F / sub m bond provides the bedrock and pillars of a profound relationship that is forged in mutual trust and commitment, honed by the ever-deepening intimacy and higher passion that are perpetually reconfirmed and revitalized though the rites and rituals known to none but ourselves, clarifying the enlightened mind, purifying the ecstatic soul, and literally embodied in the flesh through the crucible of the cane and the communion of cunnilingus.

      Whatever other things She Who Must Be Obeyed truly loves or wants to explore shall be what they shall be. I very much want to expand my horizons, based on the preferences of the women I end up wanting to please more than I want to please myself. If that make sense.

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