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      Are you ready to finally surrender fully to your longtime submissive yearnings to serve a powerful FEMDOM in a FLR?

      Then, here is your rare opportunity for a permanent and fulltime live-in domestic servant and personal caretaker position. Will train with a strict disciplinary style to my precise likings.

      Maybe you know you are a submissive slave type but have held back because life happened, but you are now ready to finally be freed with the right Owner.

      Having some domestic and personal skills is a real bonus-name your talent..

      Must be stable,work with flexible hours or retired ,Age doesn’t matter if you otherwise qualify.

      No kids or other distractions from back home. Now is the time to focus on your new submissive existence and duties.

      If you know you are a submissive with a slave heart and are ready to surrender to obedience training in a 24/7/365 position,You need to respond and convince me that you are the one for this position.

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      hello Ma’am,
      my name is greg, i am a bit older, 55, however look younger ad fit.
      i am an unowned slave and i would like to get more into about what Yiyr seeking.
      i am single, live in Canada but have on issue with relocating for the right Woman.
      Thank You

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      hi Mistress (aka OWNER)

      im a subby slave type ready to be owned for domestic service, chores, errands & anything else Mistress needs to be prioritized in Her fabulous Life!!

      Constant serving to focus on YOU as i’m accountable to HER & She does as She wishes!!!!

      This is how it should be!

      i think my talented tongue should also be used by You too in all aspects – for your pleasure and/or amusement!!!!

      Can clean,scrub, mop,sweep,iron, wash/fold, organize, polish, repair, fix, paint, mow, rake, trim, manicure, & Cook!!!! as that last one rhymes w/something BUT would need to be trained for that for sure, or maybe even brainwashed!! Open & vulnerable to manipulation, convincing, converting, guiding, brainwashing, hypnotizing, repetition, & good ol forcing w/ verbal & hand strength》》from the Most beautifully Superior Woman on this planet!

      💛YOUR potential slutty subby to serve You Supremely! 💞

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      Where are you based, Liz?

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      How grateful and thankful to Goddess the beta pig is for being allowed to express the instinctual need to serve and please Superior Women. Being teased, humiliated, and laughed at.. currently and constant training by theHIVE and Female Supremacy University. Serving is now sexuality.

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      Peter William


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      Are you still looking for a good slave?

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