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      I want to care about my Mistress. I want give her the decision taking power over my life (FLR). I want to comfort her. I want to spoil her. I want to protect her.

      The live-in relationship I’m looking for would look to others like a normal everyday relationship, but in private she would dominate me sexually. I will also be happy to serve my Mistress in all sorts of household tasks. I am financially secure and able to contribute financially to the relationship. I own a media company.

      It can be difficult for people from Sri Lanka to get visas to many parts of the world, but if I meet a Mistress online, I would be happy to help pay her costs to travel here and I would love to host her visit so we can get to know each other properly, and to relocate to be with her in her country or in my country if we became fully Mistress and slave.

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