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      Phillip Jones

      I’m Phillip L. Jones, I live in Virginia Beach VA, I’m thirty three, I was born in Honolulu Hawaii, I’m black and I’m searching for a women to dominate me. The type of relationship I’m into is casual (whether dating or marriage) or friends with benefits, not serious, close, romantic ones. Those come with unneeded baggage. I’m interested in what author Elise Sutton called Loving Female Authority. My ideal mistress won’t hesitate to punish or scold me, but she will still be caring, nurturing, gentle, and affectionate. I don’t want an unloving female authority who will degrade and be cruel to and always rough with me. I’m into gentle to moderate femdom, not the extreme variety. My kinks and fetishes are spanking, tickling, blindfolding, binding, enemas, dildoes, pegging, vitamin butt injections, face sitting, breast smothering, martinet whipping light trampling/scratching/biting/ballbusting, human horseback riding, and after care like rubbing lotion on my punished skin. I’m not into blood, wax, fire, suffocation, complete sensory deprivation gross stuff, punching, kicking, slapping, ear pulling, hair pulling, bullwhips, electrocution, or insults like stupid pathetic worthless loser. She can call me pet, puppy, slave, slut, and Boytoy but I’d also like to be called cutie/sweetie pie, baby, good boy, and honey. I also don’t want to wear an animal costume. I want to be naked and restrained when punished, as the embarassment and feeling of helplessness arouse me greatly. I’m also sexually stimulated by gender role reversals. Seeing women (who are normally weaker) dominate men (who are normally stronger and bigger) and bring them to their knees really gets my blood flowing. My partner doesn’t have to be thin or curvy, but she does have to be clean inside and out and neat/tidy. For my physical benefit and hers, I don’t want her to be less than five feet tall or more than six feet tall. I’m 5’6. She can be of any ethnicity too. I’m having severe financial troubles so I’d like my Queen to be wealthy or rich so she can support me; not forever just until I can start my own venture and become financially secure. I have type 1 diabetes, if any women doesn’t want a handicapped man, then I’m not the guy for her. If my goddess likes men who are very shy, especially around the opposite sex, and likes to tease them, then I’m definitely the guy for her. I can’t afford to live alone, and I want to keep my FLR desires a secret, so we’ll have to meet at her place or go to a hotel/inn/motel. Or we could go to an abandoned house or building or barn or cabin. I wouldn’t mind being punished in the countryside or woods either. Contact me at pljprime@aol.com or androclesstmatthew@gmail.com. We can exchange numbers and addresses after we meet. I don’t want to discuss my family, and if pushed, I’ll end the relationship immediately. Anonymity is the most important thing to me. Unlike other FLR practioners, I have no interest in fame or coming out. We WILL sign a relationship non-disclosure agreement that will be subject to legal action if violated. My mistress can tell her friends or family about me but not what we do, unless they sign the document too. If she want to film or photograph herslef dominating me, my face must be kept hidden.

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