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      We have just started converting our marriage to a full FLR… My first discipline session was a few days ago and, well, I found it impossible to not move out of the way during the spanking (she used a hairbrush). We have always played around with spanking sexually, but she wanted to ensure this had impact since it was not play, and I just could not control my body… any other couples out there dealt with this?

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      My wife will use a crop on my ass when she is in the mood. It’s not for discipline. It’s something I request. Yes I find it very hard not to move especially when she does consecutive swats quickly. If moving is a problem maybe you should request being restrained in something like a spreader bar. Then you won’t move.

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      I think a second spanking is probably in order here. A hairbrush spanking is supposed to hurt and if the guy has the option of moving out of the way he’ll probably exercise it. Some simple rules if the spanking is over the knee. Hands on the floor, toes on the floor, bottom remains still.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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