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      I’m working on a new quiz for people new to FLR that should tell them whether FLR is right for them by answering some basic questions. Please feel free to suggest questions for the quiz below. This quiz would be designed for people who are unfamiliar with FLR so please use terms the average person who has never heard of FLR will be familiar with.

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      Hello, any updates on these polls?
      What type of quizzes could we expect?

      Thank you.

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      i’m a male and a husband in a Female-led relationship. i’m submissive and somewhat feminized

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      For male partners…
      1. When, as relationship partners, you have a difference of opinion, how important is it to you that your opinion prevail? Are you able to see and understand the opposing opinion and accept it?
      2. Do you have behaviors that are counterproductive in your relationship? How would you feel about your partner helping you lose habits that are hurting your personal growth and your relationship?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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