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      Spring is near and it is time to reach out beyond my work and artwork for interpersonal connection.

      I have enough experience with Femdom and kink, in the scene and private relationships, to know I am an honorable alpha-male who needs “topped” by the even-more alpha-female whose mind I admire, whose approval I desire, and who sets my heart and bottom afire.

      Ideally, in public our friends and family will think us such a nice couple, with none knowing the depth of our private FLR bonding behind the closed doors where her nurturing nature adores yet instructs my boyish charm, so that her queenly charisma makes me the worshipful subject of her deepest desires and the purveyor of her ecstatic satisfaction, becoming the bedrock and pillars of a profound relationship forged in mutual trust and commitment, honed by the ever-growing intimacy, galvanized though the rites and rituals known to none but ourselves, clarifying the enlightened mind, purifying the rapturous soul, and literally embodied in the heated, reddening flesh through the crucible of the cane and the communion of cunnilingus.

      Whatever other things She Who Must Be Obeyed truly loves or wants to explore shall be what they shall be.

      However, anyone who does not understand that Donald Trump is a dishonorable, dishonest, and dangerous charlatan unworthy of being elected Sewer Inspector, please do not bother contacting me.

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