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      I live in the San Diego area. I have no shame regarding who/what I am. While I have managed to speak with some very impressive women on this site, I’ve not met one, to date, on the site that things line up with – but that has largely been a matter of geography. I am 62 single, financially responsible, happy, healthy, and with many interests apart from the focus of FLR. I should note I have had successful relationships that were FLR from my early twenties to the present day. While they were interspersed with vanilla relationships, I have enough self awareness/honesty to clearly recognize if I am to be in a relationship it has to be with a woman who is comfortable in authority and with whom I am comfortable having her be the authority figure in my life. The sites FLR rating (which is a nice barometer for getting some bearings) of 3 or 4 probably best describes what I would be seeking. Historically, I know these things in the best of circumstances happen organically and with negotiation and trust – like ALL relationships. Happy to share a good conversation and details with someone within a reasonable distance of San Diego. Though not a requirement, I would say typically I find larger women with strong personalities and a passion for life most irresistible. Level of experience as a Domme isnt so important as being inquisitive and intelligent. I hope to hear from someone nice and begin some discourse and see where it takes us. Thank you!

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      I like your profile.
      I just joined, and you are the first person I contacted.

      I live in Los Angeles, area, I have been a very strong woman and
      and interested in FLR, and I had experiences years ago.

      I hope to hear from you soon.


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      Greetings ZZ,

      My apologies not getting back on aboutFLR.com earlier but it was a lovely and busy holiday season. How are you? The year starting off right? Sounds like you are in the general area (would be great if Riverside County). I would love to chat, get to know you, what you are looking for and share some time in conversation. I have had experiences off and on for many years- always seemed to meet someone dominant and develop something memorable.
      Yours. D

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      How are you doing

      I am new to this thing, and I am trying to learn it.
      How are you doing?

      It would be nice to chat by phone.
      If you are interested, let us chat by phone.


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      Sure happy to speak by phone Newness is fine. Relationships are relationships and we have to just be outselves and ask the appropriate questions

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      Thank for the number again.
      Of course, we need to be ourselves. I am a spiritual person
      and believe very much in human wisdom.

      I will call you this evening.

      Ms. ZZ

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      Hello dear, How are you doing over there???It Really Nice to hear from you, Hope all is well with you, Mistress is here seeking that Lovely Man , someone who is ready for Hook-up if you have interest you can reply me back or send me your email address to start with.
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      Hi dear, how are you doing today? I saw your profile and I was tempted to send you a message. I hope this doesn’t bother you and we can get to know each other better. Please tell me about yourself and I can tell you about myself as well! Also send a few pics and I can send some as well! I await your email, please.
      Here’s my email to contact me if you feel the same … Sgtjamiewatson@outlook.com

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