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      Just wanted to share my experience, I curiously sent someone my email which she insisted we go to google chat instead of spending time here (red flag #1), then she tried to say that she lived in TX but worked in Louisville and when I asked more about that was told I misunderstood, that she was from TX but lives in Newburg which is actually an area of Louisville and not actually it’s own city (red flag #2), and the biggest red flag of all was when she said that if I wanted to meet her (when I was calling her out and said if you really live in Louisville then let’s meet at a coffee shop) she insisted on a slave application form to be filled out first. Throughout the convo when she said I wasn’t talking to her I said I’m submissive but I’m not submissive to just anyone, and I told her I’m not signing anything without a meeting in person first and especially not straight out of the gate. Please be careful my fellow submissives.

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      I am so sick and tired of the women on here who are all fake.

      They have vague to non existent profiles, they don’t mention where they reside, they want you to give them your email address, etc etc.

      Guys stop falling for these women.

      I see the same guys responding to every single post by a woman.

      Guys….this while site is a fraud.

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