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      I can’t think of anything more wonderful or anything that would suit me more than an FLR. I find it very exciting to think that there may be a woman out there who wants this too. I am not sure what level to say I am looking for. I’m submissive so I like to please my partner. (I am actually dominant in everyday life. I would only be submissive to you.) Much would obviously depend on her and her wishes and desires. Also, I am not sure relationships fit so neatly into a boxes like this. Every relationship is different. You got to find what works for you as a couple. The bottom line is you would be the boss and HoH. You have the final word.(So would this be level 3? 4?) My role would be to support and listen to you, heed your advice and wishes and learn from you so I can be the man you want. Kink may or may not be part of the relationship. Very open to exploring this if this is what my partner wants. (As I say, I like to please my partner) Saying all this, for this to work for me there would have to be a disciplinary element to the relationship. I need boundaries and a woman who will spank me when she decides this is necessary. I know this might seem harsh and even cruel to some, but this is really not how I see it. I am not masochist. I don’t enjoy pain, but I know the spankings would be given out of love with the aim to instruct and improve me. I am very deeply attracted to a woman who can take charge in this way. I would adore her.

      I am based in the UK, but these relationships are so hard to find and so special I would certainly consider long distance. Oceans would be no obstacle; I will swim to you if I have to!

      Have a wide range of vanilla interests. Too many to list here. Love nature, the arts, literature and good company. Love to cook. I am spiritual. I meditate. Bit of a wanderer by nature. Have lived all over the world.

      Ideally I’d like to find a long term relationship with all the usual components: love, lust and romance. Seeking someone I’m compatible with on many levels, not just physically. Someone who reads preferably

      Say hello. I would love to hear from you.

      Email address: c_for_charlieC@hotmail.com

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      Sassy Jassy

      Hi Charlie,
      I really like your profile. I just got registered here and started navigating in this field.
      I think we can discover many things together once we figure out if there’s a match.
      I have a question for you though, what month and date is your birthday and have you ever been or would you embrace an interracial flr?

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