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      Seeking a deeply meaningful life-long relationship with You; built on love, affection, AND a Strict and Extreme FLR Level 4+ BDSM TPE as a TOTAL SLAVE with FULL OWNERSHIP to You.

      You are sadistic and You desire to make me your extreme masochist. I would make You happy and do my best to create the world where You experience bliss as much as possible. You would train me to love You and fear You.

      I am absolutely seeking genital Body Modification Extreme (BME) with the minimum (below) in our life together.
      I am very serious about being required and given a radical penectomy in our relationship together, sooner, rather than later.

      You are the type of woman who will require, arrange, and have performed on me extreme genital body modifications; multiple penis head splittings, full genital bisection, radical penectomy, prostate removal to express my total devotion to You.

      Exploring me as often as possible or daily to accept the absolute maximum width and depth from anal dilation, fisting, and exploration.

      All of these expressions between us would give you great personal pleasure. I am totally Yours. I am not perfect, but I can make You very happy. Have me worship You completely as the Goddess You are.

      Make me your slave male-WIFE and cuck me if you desire.

      Another deep dark desire and need (mandatory covenant, as with everything herein) is to be trained and become your full daily toilet in as much as it could be achieved maintaining good health.

      I am afraid of being trained these ways but I absolutely need a life partner who will required and implement.

      We could film and sell Your training and my transformation.

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      Hey there I came across your ads and I must admit I’d like to know how submissive you are. And if you’re owned at this point. I’m Shantel by the way.

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      hi dear i am strictly dominant. I am more interested in having your loyalty than money. I am completely femdome and do
      not require tributes or cash, my kinda relationship is established on trust and your complete devotion. I’m open to pegging, full bathroom, fisting, spitting, sounding, forced bi, full feminization. I did not get any response from you

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