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      submissive slave

      To be the slave of a lady means a lot, to be able to understand that your mind has become an instrument directed only to please the lady, that your body and your soul are instruments that must be molded so that the lady can benefit from the full hidden energies, it is natural to be only when performing services and mastering invisibility. When your existence has no purpose, you may do what you don’t like in order to go your way planned by the lady, renounce humanity and turn into a pet or something else, a slave is made for submission only, a slave must be aware of the favor that the lady gives him To be the closest and most able to have something to serve her, thanks and gratitude and remembering the grace are essential qualities of the righteous servant

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      Please include your age and location.

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      Hi dear, how are you doing today? I saw your profile and I was tempted to send you a message. I hope this doesn’t bother you and we can get to know each other better. Please tell me about yourself and I can tell you about myself as well! Also send a few pics and I can send some as well! I await your email, please.
      Here’s my email to contact me if you feel the same …

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