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    Slender guy looking for a woman who wants to “wear the pants” in a monogamous relationship. I’m located in New Mexico, would prefer not to relocate but happy to visit. I would promise obedience and affectionate attention to my lover.

    Gigi – London

    Hello came across your ad and became interested to learn more.



    Yes, I too wish to become a submissive house husband, a “malewife” responsible for domestic chores including cleaning, laundry, shopping for the home, running errands, picking things up, etc. I’m located in Brooklyn, NY and I’m open to relocation. As a senior boy I have a stable income and can pay my way without working outside the home. I am very responsible and can carry out tasks without supervision but of course I do appreciate close Female supervision and strict exacting standards. Can easily assume alpha persona in public if desired but am extremely beta and obedient. As we age I think typical male behavior patterns decline anyway and I would like to accelerate that process under a caring Female.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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