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      I’m from the South Jersey, Philadelphia area and have been looking for a dominant lady for a LTR on and off. I’m intelligent, average height and in private submissive and very loyal.

      I am seeking a dominant single intelligent unattached woman, one who wants to share her activities and life with a submissive man, hopefully for a long term adult relationship. I am looking for a woman who views Ds as part of her life but not her whole life.

      I like being the subject of a woman’s desire and dominance, a woman who wants me in all respects and wants to dominate me and have me serve and obey her in a long term relationship built on a foundation of female rule and regular discipline. My ideal situation is being subject to a strong woman’s authority, being expected to defer to the her, doing regular housework and in general obeying and deferring to the lady and yes that means that I would be responsible for housework but probably not all of it, maybe 75% to 80%. If my service or obedience is lacking then discipline is expected. I am looking for a woman who enjoys disciplining her man and being served by him, she possibly views men the way men historically viewed women as being there to please and obey, not a woman who get tired out by imposing her rules and authority but someone who is freed by expressing her inner authority.

      My ideal woman would probably be a light sadist and get a power rush from punishing and training me and having me serve her while also loving me. She could be a professional or a non-professional woman who works hard and when she comes home enjoys being in charge and having me cater to her because she feels she deserves it. It might relax her to give me a spanking or put me in restrictive bondage and she would actually enjoy my being a little afraid of her power over me.

      In public and to family we would appear to be a normal couple. I do not participate in public bdsm activities or events and am in the closet. A nice first date to me would be meeting for a lunch or dinner and a place to talk about what we both secretly want.

      In terms of FLR I would like a woman who wants some 3 level activities in private but I am seeking the commitment that only comes from a one on one relationship. I do have limits and will not long term wear a chastity device or agree to long term denial. I often go through metal detectors and it would be distracting for me to wear in public or all the time. I will agree to control but not the level 4 activities where the woman is free to see other men and the man is purely a servant. I also have no desire to be with a woman who sees submissive men as unattractive and cannot respect her submissive. Similarly I do not feel a dominant is bitchy if she has demands and clearly expresses her desires but am attracted to that.

      I’m hoping I can find my mate and would like to talk to a women who are seeking a similar partner.

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      Just in case any women are looking and didn’t see this post I am bumping it.

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