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      Hello I am new here and new to the term FLR
      But as I am currently doing a deep dive into this website I have actually discovered that all my previous relationships were at least a level 2 with good amount of Level 3. This has been completely mind blowing to me that FLR was how I have always lived.

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      For many couples, the woman sets the rules behind the scenes. Maybe most couples.

      It’s less common for the couple to formally agree to the situation, and for the man to realize he’s getting sexual pleasure from experiencing her control.

      But when it happens, it’s certainly life-changing! I hope you enjoy it!

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      I think that a formal agreement, binding contract will be very useful, even important for the power transfer to the Woman. Also some sort of repetitive ritual where her male confirms his submission and She her ownership of him, will add even more to her authority in the relationship.
      If she want a marriage, her control should be written into the marriage contract, maybe in somewhat subtle terms designing her as controlling family finances, he taking her family name, all property in her name etc.
      A real TPE FLR is not real until the Woman controls economy and finances, and the male hands over his paycheck.

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      It’s okay to be amazed. I hope you won’t have any problems in the future.

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