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      SensualGoddess (UK)

      I received a message from a member, sent a reply and received a message back. However, I am now unable to reply to the latest message – it just does not send

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      Hi, I’ve had the same problem unfortunately. Sometimes clicking on the send button does nothing.. Sometimes the same message is getting sent many times. If hitting send doesn’t work, I reload the page and try again. I hope to have this fixed soon.

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      SensualGoddess (UK)

      It seems to be an on-going, yet intermittent problem. I was able to send a message yesterday, but not today.

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      Goddess – Send me an email (or, better, yet a google chat message) here: adonismanservantondisplay@gmail.com

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      I am currently unable to respond to messages, even to the admin? Is there a glitch in the coding that doesn’t allow this to be done? It creates a huge barrier for those of us trying to actively participate and make the website a genuine place to speak to other like-minded individuals..

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        SensualGoddess (UK)

        Check your ‘sent’ messages list – it may be that your message has been sent, sometimes many times, but it just does not look as if it has from your composing screen. This has happened to me.

        The messaging system here is truly dreadful, which is such a shame as the site is otherwise wonderful. I hope this glitch will be fixed soon.

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      Yipes. I’m having the same issue

Viewing 5 reply threads
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