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thanks Suzzan, you are perfectly explained how should the wife start putting constant chastity to her husband. really one of the best writting about the case. we mostly dont talk about details how should the husband wear chastity first time. infact its not very easy for the husband. especially if the wife offers to put him inchastity, he might have lots of fear, suspicious, angsts about it. so it should be soft approach and slowly and step by step he should be put in chastity as you wrote in 1 month transition.

its very important the wifes emotional support to husband at the beginning. she should cuddle him, tell him how much she is proud of him wearing chastity and make him emotionally comfortable and encouraging him to wear chastity more and more. he will probably feel sleeping difficulties for the first days. so wifes emotional support, encouragements, maybe some drinks or sleeping pills might be useful for the starting period.

and once the husband get used to wear chastity 724 and he is in long term orgasm denial, you will see a miracle changes on his personality. he will be much more submissive, obediant, compatible and like a soft clay you can totally reshape him by your hands. the chastity is really a therapi, a miracle pill to reshape him as your desires to FLR or cuckolding or other life styles.