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      Im a 25yo Norwegian with lots of love but sadly no-one to give it to. (Yet.) Simply put Im looking for someone to click with who shares my love for a more femdom/ and or RR leaning relationship, who also happens to be a Christian and believes in God. I know its a rare combination, and especially here but being an outlier I guess Im simply just looking for another? One other thing is, Im looking for someone who like me doesnt drink/do drugs either. Its just something Ive never been a fan of/comfortable with. Beside that Im pretty open about who you are, and you quirks. 🙂 Looking for monogamous and long term obviously.

      As for me Im a person who connects with few, but connects deep with those he do. Loyal and honest, in offer of support and Ill hear your rants. However I will tell you my actual thoughts on the dress. 😀 Im probably the more soft and cuddly type who takes life easy. Im tall and average but that doesnt matter much once u get me flustered.

      Quirky introvert and a lil bit of a nerd, books, video games, fantasy and all that. But I also like to play sports and be if not super at least somewhat active. A not is that with the exception of the Role reversal I do have fairly traditional/Conservative Christian values and would much prefer the same.

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