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      Good Day you lovely people

      I hope whoever reads my little poste has a wonderful day!

      I am looking for a Goddess who is interested in a mutual interest. Someone who is interested to take over and is comfortable in making decisions, is able to talk outside of the dynamic and is fun around, while doing normal, everyday tasks. I do not want to rush anything thus I will keep the rest to myself. (For now)

      To my person, I am a 26 year old Single Male from Switzerland, happy all of the time and sometimes also kind of silly (But in a good way :P). I have a Master in political science, work at a political research institution in Switzerland and currently deciding to either do my PHD in the field or a MBA. Love to cook, travel and expand my horizon by doing new sports, ideas or tastes. Biggest flaw in myself, kinda shy which made it hard to date on a daily basis, which is why I resorted to online websites.

      Why a FLR? I really like the dynamic between the partners. It is loving, respectful and filled with trust which is just wonderful but nonetheless is she the partner in the relationship who is the main or only decision maker which makes it different to the “normal” relationships. I want to support my partner in any meaningful way possible even if it is only to massage her after an day at work. I see myslef as a supportive gentleman, who will be making dinner, does laundry, cleans the house/flat and makes her shine while standing a step behind her. This fullfills me with happiness and gratitude.

      What do I bring to the table. Class, a calm manner, humor and a stable enviroment. The understanding of what a FLR is and the intention to make her life more compfortable.

      Thank you so much for reading my little (and chaotic) poste. If I peeked your interest or you have a question for me, please just write. I promise I won’t bite😊. Can’t wait to meet new people and maybe I find my Goddess, who I will support in the future.

      Have a great day!

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