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      I was referred her by a fellow fet friend.

      I’ve come to the realization that a relationship let alone a marriage with a man will only work for me like this. Being that all my needs probably won’t be met by one specific person. I would much rather find my one and only who is ok with this type of arrangement, relationship, marriage.

      In my search for a my sub and/or cuck…..I am looking for someone who I’m compatible with. Atleast, in our wants and needs which should be closely aligned. Now for specifics on what I am looking for:

      Availability, responsibility, someone respectful that can and will do as I ask. In addition, I am also looking someone attentive and affectionate. A person who appreciates a FLR. A person that is also romantic, chivalrous, submissive and a provider. Someone who will cater to me and treat me like a queen and keep me pleasured and happy no matter what.

      I’m looking for a lifetime partner not just something momentary and even if I was. All of my needs need to be somewhat met by you or others as well. I love sex with the right person/people. This is a plus for both of us.

      I have no room for anything less then satisfactory that includes games, having my time wasted and not treated like your queen, goddess, mistress.

      I tend to be VERY open minded and believe in trust, honesty and communication as well as compromise. Whom I choose will not only be mine but a lover, friend and companion.

      I’m not the type that likes to hinder myself in any way. When it comes to all matters I can be very flexible. Sometimes just depends what kind of mood I am in. I tend to be Domme. For the right person I am switch. What’s that? I can be somewhat submissive. I can be domestic but will not be submissive or domestic. But, when demanded, pressured or forced I will be reluctant and neither one of us will be happy.

      You should never fear communicating with me. I do enjoy the stag/vixen, cuckold, sub/slave (receiving), collaring,bdsm, pegging, and breeding. I’m horny 24/7 no matter what time of the month or if I’m pregnant. Kinks and fetishes as well as fantasies are always open for discussion.

      Yes, I know…..I’m quite unorthodox. I am not ruled by my primal ways, monetary and miscellaneous things I do have expectations. Lastly, I am a mother and they do love with me full-time so you must be ok with that. I am willing to relocate.

      Just looking for my forever relationship with a deep connection(s). Contract marriage anyone?

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      Love what I read, I am an older slave/sub, OPen to be cucked, into forced bi.
      Always horny as well, love to please, to have You happy.
      Also open for relocation

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        Hello i live in Phoenix, AZ and if you are still looking for a good man then let’s get aquainted.Good career here and have never been married, no kids, and zero drama.Life is good and i have never done an FLR.Would love to exchange pics and see if there is an interest.

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        I would assume the role of a male, submissive wife…caring about our relationship, home, and family.

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        Subby hubby

        Wow you are a hell of a woman and I’m dying to learn more

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      @dutchsubbie Thank you for the reply. Glad you enjoyed the post. You can send a private message if you like. I wouldn’t have a issue with the forced bi cuckolding. Just as I’m not against sissification (which isn’t for everyone or a need of mine). Just throwing that out there though. I prefer to be as transparent as possible.

      Sounds like you might make a woman very happy.
      Where are you currently located?

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      You are so welcome Ma’am.
      I am open to sissification, that will be totally up to You
      So happy to hear from You.
      I am in Green Bay, Wisconsin,Have no ties there, and thinking about retiring, the covid situation, my job, a school bus driver.
      Really miss to please, open to do anything to be owned again, to have no say

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      Hi Honorable Supreme and Mistress I am a very submissive kind warm loving Athletic good looking man who loves to be the woman submissive preferably with strict reins where mistress shapes me into a slave man in her taste where I take care of everything she does not want to do as cleaning dishes wash iron clothes etc. and I will take care of everything to the highest satisfaction and if mistress also wants to massage mistress and satisfy henna orally with the tongue I would rather seek a long lasting FLR 1-4 relationship in the long run LTR

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      Fita Null

      Just Going for the lasser for the 1st time, so just to be quick: Im From Tijuana (got visa) cell phn. +52 044 664 696 84 66

      29 y.o.

      call me maybe. or send a wats 😉

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      This is easily done for you. I am ready to change at your whim. Obey your thoughts and accept punishment and will thank you for it outloud regardess where we are. Thank you for the opportunity.

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      Great job on this profile!

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      I am in San Diego.

      Tall, smart, nice, clean-cut, and open-minded to what you wrote.
      Age 48, no kids, never married, generally have my act together : )
      Would make a “primary” in an FLR and would allow and encourage your freedom.

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      Hello there neighbor I,m in Orange county and your post really interested me, I think we have things in common I was married many yrs ago and sadly she passed and i was her sub, and to be truthful i loved it more then anything, over the yrs I have had normal relationship and I was always lieing to myself to the ladies i so much wanted me them to lead me when i brought up anything like them forcing me to do something to them, nothing happened would love to chat with a like minded lady

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      I would like to thank everyone for their responses. Also, if you are now or in the future interested send me a message on my kik account.

      If you are not serious about what I want and aren’t ready to be that provider and pleaser then do not contact me. I don’t want my time wasted. And yes, I do have to have some attraction to you.

      I am currently, on a Roadtrip on the east coast with family and making my way back to California. I will not go out of my way to see you. If you want to see me you’ll have to contribute to the costs of being able to detour, etc.

      Always accepting monetary donations and gifts.

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      Are you still looking?

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        I m 25 who believe in female supermacy. When i exposed to bdsm i got intrigued toward it and started thinking that girls are Superior and better in any respect than boys who are worthless without girl owner. So i want to worth. This is my lifestyle that i m craving for. I will submit myself completely with great devotion. I will be to worship you. I will consider your pleasure firt, then mine if you allow me. otherwise i will take pain from you without complaining. I hope you consider this worthless peace. Looking for reply.

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      Hello Ma’am,

      Are you still looking for a submissive man to serve and worship you in a loving, long-term FLR?

      I am. If you’re interested, please write back to me here, or at x127n812m@yahoo.com. I’m a loving, very smart, good, honest, funny, decent, committed, trustworthy, submissive hoping for a goddess who will own and collar me as her property.

      Thank you,

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      good morning Mistress,

      I would very much like to get to know you more. I feel as if we could be a perfect match as my needs and desires match yours very closely. let’s try to talk and see if I am what you are seeking.

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      Dear Lady, Mistress, Cuckoldress,
      I have just read your profile and liked it
      please, permit me to introduce myself to you:
      I am a 53 years od single submissive german male, 5.11, 75kg, blonde hair
      I work as a cademic in the health care sector
      for my private life I seek a very strictly dominant Lady to enter into a FLR, eventually become her slave husband and submissive cuckold
      I would love to read back from you

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      I’m 54 years old. None of the other replies acknowledged your need to peg your partner. I know what you get out of that, how pegging makes you feel, and how doing it often puts you in an Alpha position of authority. I live just North of you and will meet anywhere you like.

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      Hello Mistress mcsl3(eta) o u t l o o k. c o m

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