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      If we read back through history and apply those lessons to today I would best describe my search as this. I’m searching the lands high and low for that special person to be the queen of my kingdom. I’ve traveled the lands from east to west, picked up multiple degrees, culture and a little bit of wisdom along the way. I would describe myself as a knight that is skilled, kind, caring, and loyal. I lead others in my day to day life and have made sure that my kingdom is in order top to bottom. I will offer my service in a way that is without strings or burden for her. She will have the ability to do what she wishes with me and that kingdom. I’m not the kind of knight who needs to be micromanaged or else things fall apart. I’m quite capable of leading others. I just need her to lead me. I want to court my queen and show her that chivalry isn’t dead to make sure that every door is opened for her, that those small acts that make you love someone are not rare with me but a daily occurrence. This knight is well aware of how he should act outside of our kingdom. He knows how to behave and excel in the highest levels of society, but the only opinion that matters to him is hers. All he asks is she uses her power to make our lives better and most importantly make sure all of her needs and wants are fulfilled

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