Well these are never fun or enjoyable to fill out so I’ll try not to massively ramble. I’m 33m living about 45 mins outside Omaha been into BDSM since 19 and have pretty much explored most of the BDSM spectrum from the submissive side. What i really enjoy tho is bondage[I also enjoy watching my partner in bondage] cbt sensory deprivation wax play just to name a few. What I’m seeking is to find a domme that I connect with both on a personal non kink level and well as a very kinky relationship. I was married to a prodomme for 5 years before widowed so i know Protocal and also how to blend the aspects of the D/s relationship into a happy life. When you have two people who enjoy each other communicate and explore and push limits it’s truly an enjoyable thing. I have my hard and soft limits that I’m very willing to discuss. Before I engage in play i feel you need to get know the person and their likes and dislikes. I’m more than willing to meet semi soon and have dinner and drinks get to know each other and see if we may be a match

A little more about me love pretty much everything gardening plants DYI projects and pretty much everything outdoors. I have a huge 75×40 Japanese garden and orchard I’ve been working on for years. Getting close to my goal of having enough fruit grown there to last me all year to aid in my goals. Had a health scare 2 years ago so health and fitness are incredibly important to me. Incredibly intelligent and nerdy and intelligence conversation is one of my biggest turn ons. I own my house cars have zero debt and run a pretty successful family business. My life is very stable and I live a great life I just need to find that perfect person to spend it with. Im more than willing to verify who I am and meet up for drinks coffee or dinner to see if we clique. I tried to spell and grammar check this but a few may have gotten through*