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      Hi there! I’m looking for one special sub.

      Age/Location, please don’t reach out if you are younger than 35.

      Are you Christian or comfortable if I attend church and talk about Jesus?

      Committed to quickly meet in a reasonable time frame? If you are out of town, are you able and ready to visit me within 2-8 weeks? Long distance is ok, if temporary and you can visit regularly. I will not play online if we have not met in person and are not in a relationship where I control the pace.

      Looking for a monogamous FLR both ways? I am not looking for a cuck, as it immediately puts your primary want as the relationship priority. I’m looking for a female-led relationship.

      Attracted to BBW’s? (I’m a size 26. Tell me you googled it when you reach out)

      For-reals single?

      Educated, respectful, and stable?

      Are you smoke and drug-free? I have asthma, any smoke will not work.
      Willing to spend the time (here, then WhatsApp, video chat, visit) to get to know ME before diving into all things kink?

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      I pray our saviour. helps you find what you need

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      Mistress I am 51, with a five year old daughter, separated from my wife. I live in Cal. It would be a pleasure to get to know you better. I seek and FLR 4 with impact play, but I would never insist on fetish from of punishment.

      I work on line so moving is an option at some point.

      If your are interested I wrote a post on this website about my struggles getting my wife to dominate me. WE are separated.

      Thank you,

      Scott C.

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