I am no longer seeking a partner. I am now joyfully and gratefully partnered.
An accident of fate. I am now a grateful goddess.

My beloved did not arrive asking for certain activities or repeating an ingrained fantasy. He came to me as a man seeking a connected relationship with a woman.

He wasn’t looking to have his fantasies fulfilled by acts. He was was genuinely looking to find love.

There is no doubt that he loves me. He loves my voice, my shape, my touch, my mind, my humor, my gaze, my mess, and cherishes each and every one of my insecurities. I have no doubts.

THIS fulfilled my fantasies.

In public he treats me like a Queen. Alone, I am his Goddess. I am the one being served and he is in my service. He certainly shows his devotion through each and every one of his actions.

He is entirely engaged in fulfilling each and every desire I might have.

My gratitude is unending.
Because of his authentic and genuine love for ME and not my skill set, I will strive to live up to his view of me, I will seek any way to show him my gratitude, and I will work to fulfill each and every possible fantasy he could ever have.


His cock is mine. His ass is mine. His mouth and his hands are mine. He is MY toy. My pet. My boy. My slut. My bitch. He is MINE.
He belongs to me.

Now, more sweetly, his ardent devotion has made me entirely his.
I belong to him.