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      I’m a submissive, masculine man, who’s well-groomed, slim, attractive, honest/open, amenable, accomplished, reliable, and consistent. I’m financially stable, drama-free, and drug-free, including 420. I don’t gamble, drink, or smoke. I’m looking for a dominant female partner whom I can cherish each and every day and who cherishes me! I am single and not involved with anyone for the past 5 years. I like to walk my dog and the neighbors too up and down the hill at dusk. I’m in good shape. I enjoy biking, hiking, and swimming in the ocean. Day trips and quiet intimate getaways recharge me and refuel the optimism that shapes my life. I am looking for my partner, a woman whom I can delight; one who gets me and my oddball, screwy humor, one who is comfortable and confident in her dominance. I am looking for a lasting relationship. I am SINCERE. Please be sincere in your intentions.

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      Hello, let’s’ talk about it 🙂 What’s your number?

      xoxo, LBD.

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      LadyBellaDomma are you still searching?

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