I’m here for a Female Superior who embraces the “New Age Lifestyle” and is looking for a submissive sissy partner for a level 4 and beyond long term relationship. I am into all aspects of the lifestyle, am very vanilla in public, even alpha, when needed, yet am open minded, submissive and kinky, privately and in the bedroom.
I’m a fast learner am tall, slender, in shape and fully functioning. Not on any medication. I don’t drink or smoke. I am capable. I can clean or fix anything. I love hiking and biking and day trips. I am a good cook. I love taking care of the house. I like to iron and to have everything neat and organized. I have no agenda except to obey and serve.
I am shy until I feel safe and comfortable. My obedience is my greatest gift. I thrive when limited with strict boundaries. I will learn to anticipate my Superior’s needs.
No scat, blood, animals, children.