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      I prefer to be addressed as ma’am

      I’m a happy, educated, well traveled, health conscious, disease-free, poc and more. Currently seeking a loving LT-FLR, Level 3. I’ve found that a male who is passionate, trustworthy, open-minded and has his ego in tact works for me.

      This is not an experiment for me. This is my lifestyle. I take this seriously. I expect the same.

      I am open to messages. Be respectful

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      This site is frustrating. If you’ve written anything about yourself, I can’t read it. I hope you can read what I wrote about myself. If not, I’ll be happy to tell you whatever you’d like to know.

      I live in Georgia. Where do you live?


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      Hello Ma’am:

      First, I am so happy to see Texas represented so well here and I too am living in the Republic in the DFW area.

      I am a fifty-five year old submissive male who is equally serious about finding a LT-FLR at/near/around a D/s dynamic in the 3ish range.

      I am very passionate about FLRs because in my lived experience it enhances and strengthens the benefits of living in a loving and committed long term relationship and I am finally in a position in my life where I can selfishly (an ironic use of the word) focus on myself and I know that I am a better me when living in submission to a strong, self-aware, dominant woman.

      I would love a chance to get to know more about you at your convenience! I look forward to the opportunity!

      subservboi (AT) Gmail

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      I’d love to hear more from you and about YOU , Ma’am !

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      terry, for / FLR

      I would like to be who you are looking

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      Are you still looking? I’m very interested! I meet all your requirements. Level 3 is my preference as well! My ego is definitely in tact and most of the time I’m really good and letting things go! My ego is definitely intact. I’m also very respectful! I’m 31 years old. I hope to hear back from you Ma’am!

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      I realize that this may be an old inactive post but I wanted to try to reach you just in case you are still looking.
      I am in the Austin area.
      I am 69 and seriously looking for a true FLR.
      Thank you Ma’am.

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      Greetings Ma’am,
      Saw Your ad and wanted to know if there was still an opening to serve.

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      Hello Ma’am,

      Are you still looking for a submissive man to serve and worship you in a loving, long-term FLR?

      I am. If you’re interested, please write back to me here, or at x127n812m@yahoo.com. I’m a loving, very smart, good, honest, funny, decent, committed, trustworthy, submissive hoping for a goddess who will own and collar me as her property.

      Thank you,

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      Hello ma’am mcsl3(eta)o u t l o o k. c o m

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