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      IHAVE BEEN HACKED NTWICE FROM MEETS HERE..NOT EVEN SURE THEY WERE FEMALE..I understan d policio ng a website like this is difficult..ad I am NOT a novicve..been done nwith Nigerioan and Ghana fakes..but this site is the worst..ALT>COM is even better….does ANYONE ADMINISTER THIS ?

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      i agree totally. PLEASE if a “Mistress” asks for money for a slave registration fee, money to show your submissiveness,DO NOT SEND MONEY. Probably half the profiles here are fake. It is too bad but it will kill the site eventually. i reported several of them a couple of days ago and the profiles are still here.

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        Hello dear, How are you doing over there???It Really Nice to hear from you, Hope all is well with you, Mistress is here seeking that Lovely Man , someone who is ready for Hook-up if you have interest you can reply me back or send me your email address to start with.


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      GORGEOUS GODDESS is particularly bad.

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      i got an email that said it was from Jewish Domme that was from Kendra Halls and said exactly the same thing posted above. She quoted hourly rates and said she would meet me at a motel near Chicago.

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      Let’s at least list all the fakes here on this forum so some poor dude doesn’t send them money. OK? Watch out for Mistress Sandra guys.

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      Something else i just noticed. the time stamp is six hours off. The site is being run from outside the U.S.

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      There’s a “Mistress L” with a minimal profile that has messaged me twice. It doesn’t ask for money outright but it’s clear that’s what it wants.

      ” Hello, I am an experienced Mistress looking for a slave/sub to train and own for a long term either online or in person, distance is never a barrier because I am a traveling Mistress and my schedule is pretty flexible, contact me on hangout at goddesslucy0006 at Gmail dot com or send me your cell number let’s have a memorable and epic moment together that none of us will regret.

      Is there a way to report scammers on this site?



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      This “Mistress L” also addresses me as “slave” without ever having met or spoken to me (which is presumptuous and disrespectful) and in its profile describes its FLR level as “beyond 4” – it’s pretty clear it thinks its audience is here for hardcore kink (I’m not). It’s just crass and indelicate all around.

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      Curmani is another one. No one who is in charge at the site does anything about these scammers. i think they get a cut of the money, otherwise why wouldn’t they take these African scammers off the site. This is a site for hookups.
      i had one person send me rates for an hour, all night, etc. and said they would meet me at a motel after i sent money to show i was serious. Also, the time stamps from Admin are off by several hours to the east. The site is run from somewhere outside the U.S. i have complained about all of these people but nothing is done.

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      Oh brother. Those scammers really are shameless…but I guess that statement is redundant.

      Yeah, my own feelings about this site are mostly positive; it’s introduced me to a lot of very useful ideas that I haven’t encountered elsewhere, and I think there’s a lot of good thought and intention behind it. But most websites, and especially those about relationships, do have their abusers, and this one is no exception. Ah well…

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      People should also be aware that there seems to be great benefit to scammers in simply getting someone’s phone number or email address; that can be a jumping-off point for all-out identity theft, so even if a person doesn’t ask for money, be sure you trust them before giving out any contact or other identifying information. (You’ll notice many scammers – like “Mistress L” – ask for that information right off the bat. That’s another tell-tale sign of a scammer right there.)

      And that, like so much of this scammy nonsense, can and does happen on all kinds of websites, not just those dealing with sex or relationships.

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