i am an older, experienced submissive looking for a true FLR/LTR. i have no kids, siblings, debts, real estate to sell and can relocate hopefully to a large city. i was in a 5 yr. FLR that ended 12 years ago where i was the wife. i cooked, was the maid, did laundry, ran errands while She worked. i realize that my pleasure can only stem from meeting YOUR needs and praise. I seek a level 3 or 4 FLR. i do not give tribute online but will give You control of all that You wish including of my income if You desire my service. Of course i am fetish friendly, have few limits and would discuss the Five Food Groups prior to any meeting. i am in Chicago, but will meet You where You are if You wish after we chat a bit. i hope for an early meeting Mistress. i am educated, MA in History, a culture vulture, non-smoker, Disease and Drug free, and will enhance Your life if You wish my service.. i have one Hard Limit. i never send anything of value to someone i have not met. i am appalled at all the scammers on the site.