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      Dear all,
      I don’t know if this topic has already been discussed here before. I could not find any forum entries, but accept my apologies if I repeat an old discussion.
      It’s about FLR and kids, especially the question of when and how to get our daughter involved in our FLR. My beloved wife and I have never hidden the special nature of our relationship to our daughter. It is perfectly natural for her to see that daddy is doing all the housework, errands etc. while her mother is enjoying her time with her friends. Now our daughter will soon be 12, and her mother is wondering whether or not to allow her to also give me tasks, correct my behavior etc.
      What do you think about this. Anyone with experience in a similar situation? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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      Being “corrected” by your 11yo daughter? Perhaps not the best idea of all time.

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        What age would you suggest?

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        Subby Hubby

        I love how you describe your roles here. Wondering how the daughter thing worked out.

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      Keep your daughter out of it completely. Allow her to be a child.
      The questions are disturbing and there appears to be little thought of the impact this could have on her later on.
      Glad you and your wife have a wonderful relationship. Let your daughter witness your mutual love and respect as normal but remember…she’s a child.

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      How I wish I were in your position 🙂

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      you have great idea to involve your daughter in FLR life style. its hard to say at what age is proper for her to give you tasks and correct your behaviours. its up to you and her maturity level. but even right now she is watching the dad behaving mom as queen, he is doing all chroes and errands, so its great your daughter is awking she is princess of the home and she is superiour than males. its better let daughter put her feet on daddy as foot stol, make her good foot massages, polish her toenails and fingernails, make her pedicure and manicure to make her feel better she is superiour princess. she will probably ask you questions about FLR life style answer them honestly. she is perfectly normalizing FLR style from her daily family life. so with your helps she will discover her dominant and leader side better and she will be great leader on daddy soon.

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      She is 12. leave her out of it. My vote would be to never involve her in it. Anyway, it’s your life but you did ask for opinions and this is mine.

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      Dont involve kids. In some countries/states that is even illegal and can get you in big trouble. What you and your wife so is your own thing, the kids didn`t consent to that.

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