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      Lady Elena

      Seeking a Female Led Relationship with someone where Connection and Control are both strong. This is about a full faceted relationship, not one focused only on kink, etc.  Yet, that power exchange, needed by both parties, is well recognized, explored and boundaries explored.  I tend to be attracted to intelligent males, alpha in the vanilla world, but who need and crave to give their submission in a relationship.

      I’d like to spend my time and energy building connections with respectful, intelligent, and interesting submissive men, allowing for a truly genuine companionship. Let’s build a symbiotic relationship, a life together, of deep and abiding love and affection with the added excitement of My domination as the mistress and you as the submissive partner.

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      Thank you for sharing such a genuine profile. I would welcome an opportunity to explore and discuss how I can be of benefit to you and your search for a FLR and submissive male.

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      Lady Elena

      I prefer someone local who is able to meet in few days

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      Thanks Lady Elena for the wonderful profile. Enjoyed reading and sure many of us empathised with what you seek. Much appreciated and best wishes.

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      i would appreciate an opportunity to get to know you. i am local and aligned with what you are seeking

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      Lady Elena – I love what you wrote! If you like the quote below, send me an email – or, better yet, a google chat message:


      “For all of human history, powerful and successful men have used their status and resources to attract hot younger women for pleasure and as status symbols. Now that modern women are becoming more successful and independent, accumulating resources in their own rights, why should they not use their status to indulge the pleasures of the most exquisite male flesh that society has to offer? Why should a young man not take a powerful woman’s name in marriage, work to maintain her household, and remain faithful while allowing her freedom?”

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      I left a private message for you Lady (Boss) Elena.

      Thank you,


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      i tried to leave you a private message but not sure if it took…

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