I’ve always prided myself on being unique and unusual. In day to day life I like to be completely dominant. I want it to be hard for me to relinquish control in any aspect of my life and I need a man who can help me bring more of this out in me. I either top from the bottom or dominate.

I call myself a trainer because I love to work with people and develop their skills while helping them get rid of their roadblocks – having said that I want a D/s relationship so that I can use more erotic tactics than would be allowed in the “normal” world.

I chose the word stable in two uses of the word. What I offer is stable – I am normal, I am sane, I am real – this is not a scene. I want a stable environment for myself and as a byproduct of that I will be creating that for my submissive lover as well.

I find myself evolving each year in what I am looking for. As I get older and find out about myself more I find what I am looking for evolves also. I am sensuous by nature. I have a creative heart, an active mind, and a spirit that requires freedom. I have been told I am intoxicating, addictive, and like catnip for men.

I am big on praise, but I will not spend a lot of energy arguing about things or feel bad that you are just wrong when push comes to shove, because I said so. That being said, I actually love to hear input and ideas, and encourage such from a Good Boy. I listen well and deliberate carefully.

I am intensifying my search for a submissive lover who is interested in bedroom BDSM. I am quite skilled with a wide range of interests, however, I am not interested in discussing them with you unless you are interested in actual submission outside of the bedroom. I have an intense natural attraction to men who are older and taller than me. Not a deal breaker, but always a plus.