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      Hello! You are a professional attractive male in Washington or western Canada who is looking for a strong but loving female leader. I have a long history of strong leadership that I probably inherited from my mom or at least my parent’s dynamics. My father is a successful architect, and my mom is the ideas lady and they did really well for themselves.

      Thought I think the kink side of female dominance could be fun, I don’t tend to like the clownish aspects. I’m actually a serious person, fun, and funny, and wildly creative. I hold up a LOT in my life including 2 kids from previous marriage half time.

      For now I am looking for a casual male because I am just out of divorce but in the end I hope I end up with a MASCULINE submissive male. I tend to like the man who you would t suspect is submissive! I am a female you wouldn’t suspect either but here I am.

      I am not interested in bums. I am not looking for a man to look after my kids. For now I need weekly help in my yard and some things built. In my off time I DIY my house to make things better for when my kids are home, and ideally you are someone who can come weekly to keep me company and help. It’s very appreciated and at this point expected because I don’t have time for a lazy man while I run the rest of my life like a good boss. I’m on my second business and know how to retain employees. I need a man who can keep up and tend to my tired bones with enthusiasm and admiration.

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      Oregon gentleman

      Hello. I really like what you wrote. I am seeking a similar relationship as the one you described. I live just outside of Portland Oregon, so while we have some distance, its certainly close enough for me to drive there on a regular basis. I hope to hear from you.

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      I will move to you and mold my self into the man you want. Please give the opportunity.

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      The best description on here so far! Love it! Need me a strong female who’ll keep me secure and in return I’ll help you with building stuff and your business. I’m young and very active plus I’m an artist so very creative mind. The only problem I see in this is we live very far but I’d be down to relocate as I’m about to get my shit together. Feel free to message me hoping you give this a try

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      Hello, I’m 72 so probably outside your age range, but I’m new to this site and also new to FLR, although I’ve desired it for years. I’m sure I’m a level 1 but in the right circumstance I might move along that scale easily. I was recently introduced to a submissive side that I’d like to explore, under the guidance of a wise and caring leader. You may have already found the man you’re looking for, but if not, I’d be very interested in talking with you, if only for me to treat you to dinner and learn more, from a natural leader, about how I might fit into such a relationship. And if you’re seeking a younger man, do you know any other leaders in Seattle that might be closer to my age? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated, thanks. I’m unnaturally fit for my age, by the way, I’d send a pic (fully clothed, not a d-pic!) but I don’t see a way to do so. Thanks for a moment of your time.

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      Hello, Natural mom dom. I am a 56 yo male also in the Seattle/King County area. I am an extremely hardworking and masculine male, with more energy than most around me can keep up with. Know one knows or would suspect that I would happily submit to the right dominant woman. I have worked in the construction trades for the last 18 years (but I clean up pretty well.. I think) and also love doing yard work. I am not looking for kink or anything physical at this point. Just hoping to help out a lady with shared interests and energy levels. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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      Im in the Seattle area also. I’m vey alpha in the rest of my life but have always believed in the ideas of FLR. I always try to have a positive vibe and live a complete fun life. Please respond and let’s see if I can be the right fit for you.

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