I am seeking a long-term Female-led relationship with a strong and intelligent woman.

I have reached a point in my life when I can really sit back and look at what type of relationships work best. While I am not going to say the same type of relationship works best for everyone. I have come to the realization for me personally, that the relationships that I see around me and that I have experience, the happiest relationships are the ones with the Female in charge. Sometimes its explicit and sometimes its implicit but when the Female is in charge of the relationship and both Female and male are in complete agreement with this, from my standpoint both Female and male are happiest.My theory is that it has to do with the physical makeup of the Female and male and how each are so-called wired. The male because of the intensity of seeking sexual release will make decisions based on his selfish needs. Not necessarily always and not necessarily always on purpose. He may have the best of intentions but due to the males makeup will make decisions based on his interests.

The Female on the other hand tends to be more centered on the loving nurturing side of things. She will make decisions in the best interests for both. Males who are enlightened will recognize this and relinquish authority to the Female.

I have a college degree and a good professional career. Ideally the long term relationship I seek will appear to be a loving and happy relationship to the vanilla outside world. Which of course it will be! But also inside the relationship there will be no doubt who has absolute decision making powers over all aspects of life.

Now I consider myself to be smart and have good ideas. The Female will be willing to listen to my ideas and we will discuss various subjects. She may at times be willing to follow my advice on some matters. But, ultimately both of us will fully agree that She makes the final decisions.

Like all good relationships, they do not instantly happen. They take time to develop and grow. I look forward to finding the Female of my dreams and dedicating myself to her and ensuring her happiness.

Good luck and best wishes to all)