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      I am hoping to attract interest from a Woman, or female couple, who can make use of a male like me, and at the same time give me purpose and direction. I am submissive and don’t want to live single any more, but be of use in a somewhat untraditional way. I am definitely open for a Femdom marriage. Such role reversal does of course have erotic elements in it for me, but for a Woman who want to be the unchallenged Boss in Her home I also think I have attractive and useful qualities.
      That there is one cleare undisputed leader i a couple, should benefit all parties, and ensure stability. A sub male like me also don’t have much male prestige to worry about, and can easily be controlled and opressed.

      I am 171cm tall, non smoker, sporty slim, well used to housework and giving massages and oral plessures, divorced without children (ok if you have or want kids, but then hiding our adult games, even if You also then should act your role as Boss in your home, and regularly overrule me to impose Your role naturally).
      The woman I hope will take possession of me may be taller or smaller than my 171cm, you don’t need to look like a beauty model, but appear mature and vanilla to the outside. As for your age I am attracted to both older ad younger, my main turn-on is your will to be the Boss and mold a servant male domestic.

      A job and duties in a Femdom relationship does demand much time when for real, particularly in a 24-7 situation, and I realize that the obligations I underwrite will fill most of my day and leave little time for me to be involved in hobbylike activities outside the home, except for physical exercise and activities to keep myself attractive to my owner. In social settings I think I know how to behave to make my owner proud, and be there for Her – discretely behind.

      Hopefully this presentation isn’t too long and detailed, but I want to give an insight into my mind, as an invitation to wriggle yourself further inside my mind and find or install more buttons to control me and make me emotionally dependent on you. I very much invite you to experiment with hypnosis and mind bondage.
      Also physical domestic discipline to reinforce the mental molding of me.


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      Hi dear, how are you doing today? I saw your profile and I was tempted to send you a message. I hope this doesn’t bother you and we can get to know each other better. Please tell me about yourself and I can tell you about myself as well! Also send a few pics and I can send some as well! I await your email, please.
      Here’s my email to contact me if you feel the same … Sgtjamiewatson@outlook.com

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