Scandinavian subservient male living in Copenhagen hope to meet an assertive bi Woman, or a bi/lesbian female couple, who will impose direction and purpose making me serve in the household, and support her/their career and interests, even to a degree where my male vanity is ridiculed and my self assurance is shattered.
I don’t have a wishlist except that You must want a subservient male that can be molded to Your needs, and that You have the conviction that You need a submissive servile male like me in your home for purely egoistic motives. You must decide on FLR level – I have indicated level 3, but with trust I am very open for You to tighten Your control and ownership up to a non consensual above level 4 no way out as defined by You. Also I don’t need bdsm, and accepts chastity, will be more than happy as cuckold in chastity just keeping Your home in order . OK with discipline and protocol to teach me Your ways, cement the D/s dynamic and mentally mold me to Your standards.
In social settings I normally appear alpha, speaks several languages, university education and does know how to behave two steps behind as consort to a successful and accomplished strong and assertive Woman. I can appear quite alpha and proud to be your consort in such circonstances, still remaining discretely in the background to make it obvious that You have the authority. Hope this describes my demeanor in a sensible way, and that it will inspire You to take charge with a firm grip and beat obedience into me.
I am 171cm tall, 70 kg, normally built, sporty, blond, blueyed, non smoker, handyman, considered good looking, and well used to all kinds of domestic boring and repetitive duties.
I hope You are living in Denmark or Scandinavia, but I speak english, german and french and am open to move elsewhere and travel to meet initially.
Wether You are taller, shorter, more mature or younger than me is not important to me. I just want to live a meaningful FLR lifestyle relationhip, focused on You, contractually or as Your sub husband.
I can do my household chores without supervision, but very much welcome protocols, micromanagement and invasive control over my private life.
I don’t seek pain, actually it scares me, but I also see such disciplining as useful and even required in a consensual FLR. How and when to discipline must be Your sole decision, and if it gives You pleasure it will make me glad to know You also do it for egoistic pleasure.
Level 3 is entry level to start out from, but I realize that level 4 is what will fullfill me and be a locical level if you want that, and that I then will have to leave it to You to take me into the deeps of no return!
The result of my answers to the test for FLR suitablity for me was:
You’ve found the lifestyle for you! You may enjoy a more formal or extreme level of FLR. You would love for a woman to take the reins on the most important elements of your life, making it your job to worship and obey. Your role in the household may be more akin to a traditional wife, and you may desire to be completely sexually subservient.