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      I am looking for a mentally very strong well educated career woman who wants and desires to be supportive and pay alimony and strictly control and rule over her husband totally in a FLM level 4-5 Female led marriage where the woman can control all the 5 Food Groups: ( Finances, Leisure, Housework , Life Direction and Sex.) with total strict dominance and where the man is supported by the woman and has to be at home and take care of all the household chores naked without clothes with Wifi-gps electronic electricity chastity belt as means of control when the woman works the woman controls the man totally via her app on the phone that the man takes care of all the household chores such as cleaning the house washing clothes, cooking and the woman’s demand for oral female orgasm 3 times a day sexuality in the home everything must be done dutifully on the woman’s orders or when she snaps her fingers all failures lead to whipping for every mistake and cheating carelessness the man does in the household with strict discipline whip every day after the woman’s work is done all mistakes are counted and punishment is carried out by the woman to total obedience of the man’s submission

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