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    New banner cropped

    Old Banner


    I think the more abstract/arty second image, for general use.

    While the sex. chores and punishment definitely figure into the FLR male’s fantasies, they may be a little too much for skeptical women.


    Me too I think the more neutral image used today is the best, not hinting too directly to what many consider to be kinky. But this should be the decision of the female members of this site, so I suggest you contact them in a message exclusively adressed to them.
    I also suggest You make a section exclusively for the Female members here where they can discuss between themselves as Dommes without us sub males peeking in. That may also attract more females to this site.
    I also think most of the sub males here also are on other contact sites, and may have contact with domme Women there. They should suggest Domme Women in their network to look into AboutFLR.

    Mx Kendol

    Just seeing this post but happy the second one was selected clean with simplicity the first bit too on the nose in implying what a FLR entails. Additionally, as an ebony Domme representation always matters not only in kink but communities at large.


    The second banner really looks neater and prettier


    In my opinion, the second banner looks more aesthetically pleasing.


    Definitely the second banner is better

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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