If you want more detailed interests visit my Fet Mistress-Kendol I’m verified there.

Please understand, I have no desire for a non platonic romantic or physical sexual relationship with you. Yes, there may come a time when we might have to part ways…but if that does arise it will be discussed.


> Backbone (expressive, self assured, holds beliefs etc)
> Secure (can exist outside of me cause youre a whole human)
> Acknowledges protocol (respectful, consistent, accountable etc)
> Good communication skills (reliable & responsive via various mediums etc)
> Finances (stable ambitions, pampering me, responsible for your up keep if you relocate etc)

~connections, either my own age or older ONLY~

NB: I messaged you first because of something in your ad or profile had a noteworthy bio. Don’t get too excited lol. It however does not mean you’re immediately my sub…there is a vetting process!