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      I was born and raised in a female led household hence my vast experience in many kinks. Complete dominance is my natural makeup. I’m into media production, no kids, currently separated, divorce will be finalized next month. I hate games and disloyalty. I seek a total power exchange relationship where we appear vanilla to non kinksters and open to play with other kinksters sometimes.

      My interests includes ABDL, feminization, body worship — ass, pussy, feet — chastity, humiliation, degradation, pegging, spitting & slapping, beatings, golden showers, crossdressing, face sitting, face riding, collar & leash, strict discipline, and more. Limits are anything illegal and permanent injury to the body. I don’t impose all my kinks on a sub because I respect my subs limit.

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      Hello! Do you like this quote? If so, we will likely get along. Send me a message! “For all of human history, powerful and successful men have used their status and resources to attract hot younger women for pleasure and as status symbols. Now that modern women are becoming more successful and independent, accumulating resources in their own rights, why should they not use their status to indulge the pleasures of the most exquisite male flesh that society has to offer?”

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        VALUE DEAR GODDESS, i have just signed up and registered here. But i have been living my life as a slave in the real world for 24 years now. Before that, it was just a movie in my head. But nothing has changed in terms of content. i know that since i was young, i have carried around with me the knowledge that i was born a slave.i will have to accept for the rest of life that i will actually serve a MISTRESS LIKE YOU. i accept from the outset that i will be an absolute slave under FEMALE LEADERSHIP, with no possibility of reversing my own voluntary choice of future unfreedom. i have to adapt completely to FEMALE IDEAS and not the other way around.for me is the Motto of the OWK the absolutely truth:” WOMEN OVER men ” submissive regards subtill

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      Hello I am very interested. I live in Copenhagen.

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      Hello Goddess,

      I am interested and live in Central Florida.

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      Greetings mistress,

      Your description matches me exactly as a slave. I’m willing to relocate to wherever you wish and come serve you as your slave forever. I am truly dedicated and I am willing to leave behind all trades of my life to serve you and make you happy. My limits are exactly as you described. I am 25 years old.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Your slave

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      Hi! I’m new on this site but I can say I’m interested in this, here’s some info about me:


      19, M, USA

      >About you / hobbies

      I like anime, casual games and hear some convos (I don’t like taking the initiative, I’m not good at that)

      >Looking for

      I wan’t to be irl pet of a bbw or a milf so I can travel, I can do anything you wan’t just not pooping, vomit or rough physical damage

      >Not looking for

      Only online



      More info:

      Name (nickname tbh): Roger

      Height: 5’5

      Weight: 120 lbs

      Sex: Virgin, haven’t done yet

      Kisses: haven’t done yet

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      May we inquire where you are located? It would be beneficial to all if you would post the City and State you are located in.

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      Mistress Carolyn, are you still seeking a slave? I live in CA. I long for A TPE with impact play. I am 6’3, educated, 51, with a 5 year old. I am separated and my wife lives abroad.

      I would love to talk.

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      She is a fake. Tries to send you a check to cash then wants you to Zelle her the money.


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      Two things that i have noticed about fakes, one they use seeking, two they misuse proper capitalization protocal and articles.

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      add too sexual to be true usually as well

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      I’m 60 in July. I live in Lawrence KS. White male. I believe in the Superior Female above the inferior male. I am completely submissive and seek to be my Mistress/Goddess total slave. Full time, live in, 24/7. You would absolutely own, control and possess me. Every part of me in every way. No limits because that is your decision. I promise absolute, unquestioned obedience. I wish only to love and worship you; to serve and obey you. No financial domination. I seek this for the relationship itself; for the experience itself. If this sounds good to you, please reply. Thank you very much, Goddess.

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      am eager to explore a connection filled with passion and mutual pleasure, where our desires align and create moments of deep satisfaction. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery, where we can share in each other’s pleasure and create an environment of trust and respect. I am open to understanding your needs and desires, and I look forward to learning how to bring you joy and fulfillment. Let’s communicate openly and respectfully to ensure that our connection is built on mutual understanding and

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